I’m inspired by the outdoors in a way that could potentially be seen as unconventional to some. I never truly grew up with it, so I never knew it. It’s hard for me to always find it peaceful, or to see it as a place that allows me to discover some sort of truth about myself. Rather - I find it fearful. And though it seems I have to work harder at my outdoor experiences, I find so much inspiration in it. I still aspire to explore, despite my inherent fear of it. In fact: I aim to be the one documenting these explorations, to allow others the space to feel inspired in their own way. Providing a different eye, a different story, a different means of how I got there. I believe in the idea of using vulnerability as a tool in creating space to foster deep and meaningful connections, and I intend on doing so completely.

I very recently transplanted myself from Colorado to Salt Lake City with my boyfriend, Max, to challenge myself away from the comforts of home and to be a part of something more in the outdoor space. To share my point of view by engulfing myself in it through photos and writing as a half-Filipino woman growing up without any outdoor experience. 

There’s a story behind everything and everyone. Every photo, every feeling, every moment you take a chance to sit back and listen. I aim to tell you mine.

- A